Services to your management team

Urban Counsel offers experience of planning for, designing, implementing and managing development from a variety of perspectives – national and local; public and private sector; policy and practice. Urban Counsel can inform, advise and support your role in these activities, whether developer, planner or project/business manager.

All organisations need to review their purpose and refresh their practices periodically.  It is difficult for those actively engaged in current practice to do this dispassionately and comprehensively.  An external perspective is always informative, and most effective organisations will already have benchmarking and peer review among their corporate management tools. This will inform:

  • An external and independent perspective
  • Identifying obstacles to improved performance
  • Changing corporate structures, systems and culture
  • Establishing and communicating strategic aims and objectives

offers experience of undertaking such reviews in a variety of organisations. It can act as a critical friend, a creative catalyst, and a strategic range-finder to challenge and test your corporate assumptions, aspirations, and objectives. Urban Counsel can also help as a technical communicator and facilitator, to help you articulate your plans unequivocally and secure immediate and consistent understanding among your internal and external stakeholders.